Awards & Recognition

Fuentes Receives 2010 Capstone Excellence Award

The Department of Political Science congratulates Stella Mae Fuentes who will be presented the 2010 Capstone Excellence Award at the 2010 Honors Recognition Ceremony on April 18th in the Duke Ellington Ballroom on the Northern Illinois University campus.  Established in 2001, the Capstone Excellence Award is presented annually to at least one student who has completed a distinguished project in the preceding year.  Projects are reviewed for quality of the research or artistry conducted and in terms of the formal presentation of the research or artistry.

Fuentes's capstone, "The Tone of Media Coverage and How It Affects the Voters' Assessments on Political Candidates," was directed by Politicial Science Professor Rebecca Hannagan, and was called an exemplary undergraduate research project.  The work is a significant original research contribution and is clearly and thoughtfully presented.  Ms. Fuentes's name will be engraved on a plaque which hangs permanently in the University Honors Program Computer Laboratory.