Awards & Recognition

Megan Geyer Awarded Psi Chi Summer Research Grant


The Psi Chi Summer Research Grant is a grant designed to promote undergraduate research amongst members of Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology. Psi Chi awards 14 grants of $5,000 ($3,500 to the Psi Chi student plus $1,500 to the sponsoring faculty member). Under the guidance of Dr. Rebecca Hannagan, political science major Megan Geyer (pictured here with Dr. Hannagan) was awarded the Psi Chi Summer Research Grant.

Megan's project will involve an analyzation of video of official decision makers on local boards and commissions in Iowa. Recently, the State of Iowa passed a law requiring all boards and commissions to be gender balanced. Megan will attempt to discern whether there is a difference in implicit conveyance of emotion (using FACS) among those groups that are presently gender balanced and those that are not.