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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I benefit from having a co-curricular experience on my transcript?

Employers and graduate programs are looking for evidence that you have developed essential skills in decisions making, critical thinking, teamwork, organization, etc. and that you are able to put classroom learning into practice in real-world scenarios. EngagePLUS provides you with an avenue to document co-curricular activities on your official transcript, which provides meaningful evidence of your abilities and ultimately helps you compete in the job market and for graduate school positions. 


What programs qualify?

There is not a list of approved programs, but rather sets of criteria for the various EngagePLUS categories that are used to evaluate your engaged learning experiences. Review the criteria to determine whether an experience may qualify.


How do I apply?

The EngagePLUS application consists of two parts:

  1. A proposal that is submitted before or early on in the engaged learning experience and
  2. a reflection that is submitted upon completion of the experience.

Both the proposal and the reflection must be approved by your mentor or other NIU staff (depending on the details of the experience) to be considered for a transcript notation.


Will this show up on my degree audit?

Yes. Once your proposal has been approved, an EngagePLUS notation will appear as an in-progress milestone on your degree audit. When you have submitted your reflection and your EngagePLUS application has been approved, milestone on your degree audit will show as complete and the notation will be added to your official transcript.


Can I receive campus honors through EngagePLUS?

Yes. You have the opportunity to receive the honor of Engage Bronze, Silver or Gold scholar.

  • Engage Bronze Scholar award is given if you earned one EngagePLUS notation.
  • Engage Silver Scholar award is given if you earned EngagePLUS notations in two different categories.
  • Engage Gold Scholar award is given if you earned EngagePLUS notations in four different categories and this award will appear on the official transcript.