Resources - NIU - PLUS (Progressive Learning in Undergraduate Studies)


Why Cut to the Chase?

Integrative Baccalaureate

The following documents comprise all of the proposed curricular changes.

  • PLUS existing general education infographic (PDF)
  • PLUS general education comparision chart (PDF)
  • PLUS general education clusters model (PDF)
  • PLUS general education core model (PDF)
  • PLUS general pathways model (PDF)
  • PLUS baccalaureate options (PDF)
  • PLUS HIP and EL options (PDF)
  • PLUS eletronic portfolio options (PDF)

The following documents represent additional support documents.

  • Baccalaureate SLOs (PDF)
  • EL and HIPs (PDF)
  • ePortfolios by Michael Day (PDF)
  • UNIV options by First and Second Year Experience (PDF)