Colloquium Schedule

Colloquium Schedule

La Tourette Hall 200.

Refreshments at 3:15. Colloquium starts at 3:30 pm.

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Fall 2014  (Starting on September 5th, 2014)

Past colloquia:

Spring 2014

(* = Graduate collouium speakers)

January 17: No Colloquium

January 24: Dr. Trevor Vickey, U. Witwatersrand, South Africa, "Evidence for Higgs Boson Decays to Tau Lepton Pairs from the ATLAS Experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider''.

January 31: Dr. Lidija Zivkovic, Institute of Physics, Belgrade, "Higgs boson - from the discovery to the measurement of its properties".

February 7: Dr. Sanjay Padhi, UC. San Diego,

February 14: Dr. Micael Eads, NIU, "Muon g-2 experiment".

February 21: Dr. Jahred Adelman, Yale University,

February 28: Dr. Young-Min Shin, NIU, "Advanced Accelerater R&D" (TBD).

March 7: APS March meeting

March 14: Spring break

March 21: Dr. Igor Aronson, ANL

March 28: Dr. Sowjanya Gollapinni, Fermi Lab, "MicroBooNE experiment" (TBD).

April 4: Dr. Adina Luican-Mayer, ANL Center for Nanoscale Materials, "Graphene research" (TBD)

*April 11: Dr. Elsa Garmire,

April 18: Dr. Scott Willenbrock, UIUC,

April 25: Senior Seminar, Awards, & pizza! Starts at 3:00 pm.

May 2: Reading Day

Fall 2013

(* = Graduate collouium speakers)

*September 6: Dr Oleg Shpyrko, University of California, San Diego, "X-ray Nanovision".

*September 13: Dr. Erick Blomberg, Iowa State University, "Structural and electronic anisotropy in iron-based superconductors".

September 20: Dr. Deepak Kar, University of Glasgow, UK, "Not a jet all the way: discovery prospects using substructure".

*September 27: Dr. Marge Bardeen, Fermi Lab, "Run Like a Proton and Other Ways to Engage Young People with Science".

*October 4: *Dr. Elena Semouchkina, Michigan Technological University, "Metamaterials and Invisibility Cloaks Made of Dielectrics".

October 11: Dr. Zhili Xiao, NIU, "Size matters: nanoscale superconductors and beyond".

October 18: Dr. Mary Anne Cummings, Fermilab, Muonsinc, "New Paths Toward a Muon Collider".

October 25: Dr. Peter Littlewood, ANL, "Polariton Condensation".

November 1: Dr. Omar Chmaissem, NIU, "Nematic Order in Fe based superconductors".

November 8: HEP (TBD)

November 15: Dr. George Coutrakon, NIU, "The NIU Proton CT Project".

November 22, Dr. Robert Kephart, Fermi Lab, "Applications of Accelerators and the Illinois Accelerator Research Center". Presentation is available HERE!

November 30, No colloquium. Thanksgiving break

December 6, Senior Seminar

Spring 2013

January 18: Dr. Carol Johnstone, Fermilab, "Future Accelerators, from Green Energy to Cancer Therapy"

February 1: Dr. Igor Beloborodov, California State University Northridge, "New Frontiers in Materials Science: Superconductive Mesosolids"

February 8: Dr. Charles Reichhardt, Los Alamos National Lab, "Jamming and Clogging Transitions for Systems with Quenched Disorder"

February 22: Dr. Mandy Rominsky, Fermilab, "New Muon g-2 Experiment at Fermilab"

March 8: Dr. Eva Andrei, Rutgers University, "Fractional quantum Hall effect and insulating phase of Dirac electrons in graphene"

March 22: Dr. Johann Rafelski, University of Arizona, "Laser-electron Scattering at the Critical Force Limit"

March 29: Dr. Tatyana Baturina, Novosibirsk, Russia, "Coexistence and interplay of superconductivity and localization in two dimensions"

April 5: Dr. Valerii Vinokour, Argonne National Lab, "Transport in nano-structured materials"

April 12: Dr. David Rasmussen, Oak Ridge National Lab, "The ITER International Partnership: Demonstrating the Scientific and Technological Feasibility of Fusion Energy"

April 19:  Dr. George Coutrakon, NIU, Quantum Reality and Schrodinger's Cat

April 26: Awards Ceremony and Student Presentations. Presentation of awards by Chair Laurence Lurio; Harsha Panuganti "Generation of Electron Bunches using Photo- and Field Emission"; James A. Maloney, "Muon Collider Physics and Muon Cooling".

Fall 2012 


Spring 2012

Friday, February 10: Dr. Steve Martin, NIU. The Acceleration of the Expansion of the Universe: Physics Nobel Prize 2011.

Friday, February 17: Dr. Young-Min Shin, NIU. Advanced Microwave and THz Vacuum Electron Beam Devices.

Friday, February 24: Dr. George Coutrakon, NIU. Quantum Reality and Schrodinger's Cat: An Historical Perspective.

Friday, March 2: Dr. Sean Mattingly, Bank of America. Business for Poets: Physics Careers Outside of Physics.

Friday, March 23: Dr. Uwe Bergmann, SLAC. Archimedes' Oldest Writings under X-ray Vision.

Friday, April 6: Dr. Jianguo Wen, Argonne. Sub-Angstrom Transmission Electron Microscopy with Aberration Correction.

Friday, April 13: Dr. Bogdan Dabrowski, NIU. Search and Discovery of Strongly Coupled Multi-Ferroic Perovskites Sr1-xBaxMnO3.

Friday, April 20: Dr. Mark Pankuch, Director of Medical Physics and Dosimetry, CDH ProCure Proton Therapy Facility. The Clinical Use of Accelerated Protons: Proton Radiotherapy.

Friday, April 27: Senior Seminar. (1) Michael Wesley (Faculty Mentor: Professor Yasuo Ito). Observation of Fe doped SrRuO3 Thin-Films. (2) Zachary Johnson (Faculty Mentor: Professor Carol Thompson). Magnetic Force Microscopy of Materials. (3) Anthony M. Schroeder (Faculty Mentor: Professor Zhili Xiao). A Guided Inquiry into Nano-Scale Hydrogen Sensors.

Fall 2011

Friday, August 19: Safety Orientation.

Friday, August 26: LAS State of the College address.

Friday, September 16: Welcome picnic for new graduate students, 12-2 pm.

Friday, September 16: Prof. Lobat Tayebi, University of Oklahoma. Biomaterial Multilayer Assemblies.

Friday, September 23: All-day symposium in honor of Prof. Clyde Kimball.

Friday, September 30: Dr. Jeffrey Lynn, NIST Center for Neutron Research, National Institute of Standards and Technology. Magnetic Moments in Superconductors:  From Assassin to Facilitator.

Friday, October 14: Dr. Andreas Glatz, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory. Thermoelectric and Non-equilibrium Phenomena in Mesoscopic Meta-materials.

Friday, October 21: Dr. Rajendran Raja, Fermilab. Nuclear Energy Using Accelerator Driven Sub-critical Systems - The Thorium Option.

Friday, October 28: Dr. Michael Turner, University of Chicago. Quarks and the Cosmos.

Friday, November 4: Dr. Jyotsana Lal, Materials Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory. Slow Dynamics in Complex Systems Measured by High Energy Resolution Neutron Scattering Techniques.

Friday, November 11: Dr. D. N. Kafle, Argonne National Laboratory. Aerosol Optical Depth Derived from Micropulse Lidar Data at Various ARM Sites World-wide.

Friday, November 18th. Dr. Linda Young, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. Exploring the frontier of ultrafast/ultraintense x-ray interactions with matter.

Friday, December 2nd. Dr. Jian-rong Gao, Advanced Photon Source, Argonne National Laboratory. Phase relations in La-Fe-Si alloys for magnetic refrigeration applications.

Spring 2011

Friday, January 28: Dr. Roland Winkler, NIU. Graphene: The Ultimate Flatland. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2010.

Friday, February 4: Probing Itinerant Ferromagnetism with Spin Waves. Dr. Vincent Vlamnick, Argonne.

Friday, February 18: Ultrananocrystalline Diamond for MEMS and NEMS: Opportunities and Challenges. Dr. Anirudha V. Sumant, Argonne.

Friday, March 4: Size Matters: Palladium Nanostructures for Fast and Sensitive Hydrogen Detection. Prof. Zhili Xiao, NIU.

Friday, March 11: New Experiments with Antiprotons. Dr. Daniel Kaplan, IIT.

Friday, March 18: Spring Break.

Friday, April 1: Dr. Joel Moore, University of California, Berkeley. New Topologically Ordered Phases of Condensed Matter.

Friday, April 8: Dr. Rocky Kolb, University of Chicago. Taking Sides on Dark Energy.

Friday, April 15: Dr. Wayne Newhauser, Department of Radiation Physics, University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. High Performance Computing for Proton Radiation Therapy. 

Friday, April 22: Dr. Christophe Royon, Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique, Saclay. First Results from the ATLAS Experiment at the LHC and the ATLAS Forward Physics Project.

Friday, April 29: Senior Seminar. Talks will be followed by awards ceremony and reception.

Friday, May 6: Dr. Heinlich Jaeger, University of Chicago. Self-Assembled Nanoparticle Monolayers.


Fall 2010

Friday, September 3: Dr. Philippe Guyot-Sionnest, University of Chicago. Sparse Density of States in Colloidal Quantum Dots: Tuning Energy Relaxation and Transport.

Friday, September 17: Dr. David Hedin, NIU. Understanding our Asymmetric Universe: Evidence for an Anomalous Like-Sign Dimuon Asymmetry.

Friday, September 24: Dr. G. P. Yeh, Fermilab. The Energy Transformation.

Friday, October 1: Dr. Sidney Nagel, University of Chicago. The Life and Death of a Drop: Topological Transitions and Singularities in Fluids

Friday October 15: Dr. James Rabchuk, Western Illinois University. A Mechanical Demonstration Illustrating Parametric Resonance.

Friday October 22: Dr. Matt Bellis, Stanford University: Searching for Baryon Number Violation in the BaBar Dataset.

Friday October 29: Dr. Alexander Yarin, University of Ilinois at Chicago. Thorny Devil Nanofibers: The Way to Cooling Rates of the Order of 1 kW/cm2.

Friday November 12: Dr. Robert Hirosky, University of Virginia. The CMS Detector: Peformance and First Physics.