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PHYS 150S (Dr. S. Willis)

PHYS 181 (L. Marschand)

PHYS 210S (L. Marschand)

PHYS 211S (L. Marschand)

PHYS 253S (Dr. D. Brown) 

PHYS 273S (Dr. R. Benbow)


PHYS 150/150A Physics

PHYS 162/162H Elementary Astronomy

PHYS 181 Acoustics, Music and Hearing  (L. Marschand)

PHYS 210 General Physics I (L. Marschand)

PHYS 211 General Physics II (L. Marschand)

PHYS 253 Fund. of Physics I: Mechanics (Dr. D. Brown)

PHYS 273 Fund. of Physics II: Electromagnetism (Dr. R. Benbow)

PHYS 283 Fund. of Physics III: Quantum Physics (Dr. L. Lurio)

PHYS 284 Quantum Lab (Dr. L. Lurio)

PHYS 301X Interdisciplinary Secendary Science Teacher (Dr. A. Windelborn)

PHYS 320 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (Dr. Y. Ito)

PHYS 370 Electricty and Magnetism (Dr. D. Brown)

PHYS 375 Laboratory Electronics I (Dr. Z. Xiao)

PHYS 400/500 Analytical Mechanics II (Dr. M. Fortner)

PHYS 430/530 Optics (Dr. Y. Ito)

PHYS 461/561 Modern Physics (Dr. D. Hedin)

PHYS 480/580 Intro. to Materials Science (Dr. Ersen Alp)

PHYS 493X Inter. Teaching of Science in Secondary Education (Dr. A. Windelborn) (See note below)

PHYS 496 Transition to the Professional Physics Teacher  (Dr. A. Windelborn)

PHYS 661 Quantum Mechanics II (Dr. S. Martin)

PHYS 670 Electromagnetic Theory I (Dr. U. Welp)

PHYS 680 Intro. to Nanophysics (Dr. R. Winkler)

PHYS 684 Intro. to Particle Physics (Dr. P. Bhat)


All Professional Physical Science Education Courses and some other physics courses use Blackboard. To view the course documents for courses for which you are registered, available on the Blackboard course server, log in to Blackboard with your Novell Logon ID, (your "Z-number").  

If you are not yet a student or not yet registered for a course, you may log on to Blackboard with the user name "guest" and password "guest".  When the next screen comes up, click on the green tab labeled "Courses".  Under Course Catalog, click on the current semester.  Then on the next page, scroll down and click on Physics.  All of the physics courses available through the Blackboard Course Server will be displayed.  Click on the one you wish to view.  Not all will be available to guests.  If the course you are interested in is not available to guests, you may contact the physics office for information on the course.