Application to Graduate Programs
in Physics at NIU


Students seeking admission must meet all requirements of the Graduate School (including policies for international students ) and have a background equivalent to that attained by acquiring the Bachelor of Science degree in physics at NIU.

Admission to the graduate program does not require a GRE physics score. However, submission of the GRE physics score is encouraged, especially for international applicants, and can be used as one of the criteria to decide whom to admit. 

Students without a degree in physics may be accepted into the program but may also be required to take some undergraduate courses.

Applicants to the physics program are strongly encouraged to apply significantly earlier to help ensure that financial support is available. We suggest applying before February 1 so that you will be considered during our initial round of assistantship and fellowship offers. International students should apply before January 1 as it takes longer to process both the application and the visa.

Application materials must be sent to the Graduate School and not to the physics department.