Professional Publications of Tomis Kapitan


The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Philosophical Essays on Self-Determination, Terrorism, and the One-State Solution.  Coauthored with Raja Halwani, London: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2008.   Publisher's blurb

'Terör' ün ve 'Cihad' in Retoriği.  Coauthored with Caner Taslaman, Istanbul : Istanbul Yayınevi, 2007.

Books Edited

The Phenomeno-Logic of the I: Essays on Self-Consciousness by Hector-Neri Castañeda..  Coedited with James G. Hart:  Bloomington , IN : Indiana University Press. 1999.  

Archaeology, History, and Culture in Palestine and the Near East.  Atlanta: American Schools of Oriental Research. 1999.

Philosophical Perspectives on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.   New York : M.E. Sharpe Inc. 1997.

Articles in Journals and Book Chapters

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"Agency and First Person Reference,"  forthcoming in Critica.

"Violence and Self-Determination in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” forthcoming in Journal of Peace Research (2011).

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"The Rhetoric of 'Terrorism' and its Consequences," with Erich Schulte, Journal of Political and Military Sociology (Summer 2002), 172-196.  Translated and published as "'Terrörizm' Retoriði Ve Sonuçlari" in Caner Taslaman, ed., "Terör' ün ve 'Cihad' in Retoriði ( Istanbul : Istanbul Yayýnevi, 2007): 60-103. 

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