Alicia Finch’s Representative Publications

"Against Libertarianism," Philosophical Studies (forthcoming)

"On Behalf of the Consequence Argument: Time, Modality, and the Nature of Free Action," Philosophical Studies (forthcoming)

"Experimental Philosophy and the Concept of Moral Responsibility," The Modern Schoolman 88 (2011): 145-160

"Presentism and Ockham's Way Out" (with Michael C. Rea), Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion, Vol. 1, ed. Jonathan Kvanvig, New York: Oxford UP, 2008: 1-17

"Fatalism: Logical and Theological" (with Ted A. Warfield), Faith and Philosophy 16 (1999): 233-238

"The Mind Argument and Libertarianism" (with Ted A. Warfield), Mind 107 (1998): 515-528