Requesting Inquiry or Discussion of an Issue

The Commission will consider requests from university staff or students to seek information regarding issues that have policy implications for the status of women in the university. Individual issues not having policy implications will be referred to the appropriate university office for action.

Procedures relating to such requests are listed below:

  1. Any requests for commission consideration must be made in writing to the chair. (2014-2015 Chair: Rebecca Hannagan)
  2. The Commission will consider only those matters with policy implementation implications.
  3. The chair and vice-chair will gather information pertaining to such requests from all relevant parties and make a determination as to whether or not they involve matters of concern to the commission.
  4. All matters that have been looked into will be reported to the commission as meriting its consideration or not meriting its consideration.
  5. Any person who is a principal in such an inquiry or could be viewed as having a conflict of interest shall not be present for the preliminary report to the commission as to the relevance of the issue for commission action.
  6. Recommendations made by the commission will be confined to matters of general policy or policy implementation.

To submit an inquiry request, email