The Wilma D. Stricklin 2005 Nominee:
Amy Levin

Amy Levin Dr. Amy Levin is Director of NIU's Women’s Studies Program. She came to NIU just ten years ago, and has managed to expand the course offerings of the program, to attract strong faculty, and to cooperate with the mathematics department in getting a National Science Foundation grant to create opportunities for women in Mathematics. She is known for her teaching, her scholarship, and her role in mentoring other women. Each year she directs an NIU conference for women juniors and seniors in high school to inspire them to consider going to college. She is a leader in the NIU Multicultural Transformation Institute, in the National Women’s Studies Association, of the campus LGBT Studies Committee and within the Women’s Commission. Her support of recruitment results in her ability to draw upon a large pool of new and established faculty to offer course from fields as diverse as Biology, Religion and Geography so that students may choose from among 40 courses (focusing on women) to complete an undergraduate minor in Women’s Studies.