The Wilma D. Stricklin 2005 Nominee:
Gail D. Jackey

Gail JackyGail Jacky is the Director of the Northern Illinois University Writing Center. As a department head with a staff of 29 people, her supportive supervision causes her to be regarded as an outstanding role model and mentor for countless individuals. Many of the staff members there are women, and they say that through her nurturance and skill in staff development, Gail has helped them to mature professionally. Gail has done extensive mentoring with undergraduates and graduates, and she has a particular interest in helping women of color who have met her through the classroom and through one-on-one tutoring conferences. She quickly establishes a rapport with them, so that they trust her direction and advice. Ms. Jacky has encouraged the women to develop academically, and also to get involved in campus organizations, in opportunities that enable them to study abroad, and in career-oriented internships.