The Wilma D. Stricklin 2005 Award:
Kathy Hotelling

Dr. Kathy Hotelling received the 2005 Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, Wilma D. Stricklin Award for the Enhancement of the Climate for Women on Campus. Dr. Hotelling has been at Northern Illinois University since January 1987 and has twice been a member of the Presidential Commission on the Status of Women, once as Chair, working vigorously for the expansion of the Campus Child Care Center.

She has been a leader in the creation and rejuvenation of campus wide efforts relative to sexual assault that became known as the Interpersonal Violence Response Team. Her leadership in that area assisted the University to earn a 400,000 Dollar grant from the United States Department of Justice Project to Combat Violence Against Women on Campus.

Kathy Hotelling and Deborrah PettitShe has developed professional specializations in the areas of great concern to women. Her professional workshops and publications have concentrated principally on eating disorders (where she is considered an expert), women̢۪s health issues, sexual harassment, sexual assault and professional ethics on Campuses. NIU has benefited from her leadership in each of these areas and both the institution and its students have been enriched by the related programs, services, consultations and policy development resulting from her efforts. She has been both a program provider and a principal University consultant on the subject of eating disorders as they affect college age students. She has served on the board for the Academy for Eating Disorders and on the board of directors of the Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Association.

Barbara Burrell, PCSW Chair, presenting Femme 2 (by Aubrey Purdy) to Kathy HotellingShe has been the Director of the Counseling and Student Development Center since 1987 increasing the diversity of staff, mentoring and encouraging her staff to take advantage of professional development and sponsoring her staff for awards such as the Supportive Professional Staff Presidential Award for Excellence, the Operating Staff Service Award, the Wilma D. Stricklin Award and NIU SPS faculty development grants. She has also encouraged her staff to apply for SPS sabbaticals to further their professional development.

She has led her staff in developing programs and services addressing the needs of women like the Voices for Change Program and its predecessor Students Organized Against Rape. She has been described as a "tireless and passionate advocate for making NIU a safe, supportive and welcoming climate for women." Her strong advocacy for women̢۪s issues demonstrates the spirit of Wilma Stricklin.