Women Who Make a Difference Award 2008 Recipient Barbara McCord

Barbara McCord


Barbara McCord has been with the NIU Building Services since 1994. She was nominated for the 2008 Women Who Make a Difference Award by Nancy Brown, Jane Cerutti, and Phyllis Livingston.  Barb's nominators describe her as a person who demonstrates incredible strength, courage, determination, respect, and love both in her professional and personal life.  She does her job with such perfection that it reflects her excellence, always willing to step up to the plate and help others out in their areas.  Anyone who knows Barb loves Barb.  She always has a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a joke to share and a smile that is contagious.  Barb is described as a perfect reflection of what the human spirit is all about.  A person with a kind and gentle spirit that is always willing to pitch in and go the extra mile.  She possesses the Husky spirit, to not allow circumstances to overcome you, but to overcome those circumstances and persevere!

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