Martha D. Cooper Journalism Award Past Recipients

Past Recipients*

2011 - Ashley Michels

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Video

2008 - Elizabeth Stoeve

  • Event empowers through prose
  • Taking a closer look at ABC's 'Ugly Betty'
  • Feminine wiles get skilled women free drinks
  • Test scores indicate a still-present gender-gap 
  • No uptick of crime expected for Halloween

2007 - Kathleen M. Trusk

  • DeKalb sees increase in battery cases in recent years  
  • Safe Passage here to help DeKalb residents
  • How to prevent, protect from criminal battery

2006 - Rasmieyh Abdelnabi

  • U.S. ranks 17th out of 58 in gender gap study
  • Woman takes active role in ministry, faith
  • Air Force veteran learns from time in Iraq
  • Grant gives Safe Passage more services
  • Breast cancer survivors find strength after disease
  • Single mom balances life
  • Women break stereotypes, join police force
  • Women try to reach unattainable goals
  • Woman in Power: women empowered
  • Safe Passage shelters victims

2004 Jamie Lynn Luchsinger

  • The pill isn't the only option anymore
  • 'The shot' offers extra option
  • IUD offers long-term alternative
  • Morning After Pill designed for emergency use

2003 Jessica King

  • Positive self-images come with 'Girl Power'

2002 - Stephanie Christian

  • NIU will not offer abortion pill

2001 - Jennifer D'Souza

  • 'Monologues' removes shame

2000 - Whitney Carnahan

  • Labels wound women's studies

1999 - Laura Grigsby 

  • Domestic violence series
  • Silent crime deafens DeKalb
  • Realizing cycles of domestic abuse
  • 'They are living in a war zone' Domestic abuse wears on children living in household
  • Battling the battering: Outlets for victims of abuse have become more prevalent and easier to find

1998 - Rachel A. Michaels

  • Title IX -- is it working?

1997 * Jaime Jordan

  • Welfare Reform: Who are the real victims?

*No awards presented 2005, 2009, and 2010