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Lecture Series

The Presidential Commission on the Status of Minorities began a new lecture series meant to share and celebrate the research accomplishments of our faculty and graduate students here on campus.

On March 3, 2009, LaMetra Curry, a graduate students and Coordinator of Recruitment Services for the College of Education, gave the first presentation in the lecture series. She gave an interactive workshop on diversity and higher education for an audience of predominantly undergraduate students. Particularly beneficial for many of the students who attended, she helped them explore the experiences of students of color often encounter in the higher learning environment.

Continuing in the series, on April 9, 2009, Dr. Teresa Wasonga, Assistant Professor in the Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology, and Foundations in the College of Education, presented a glimpse into her research in a lecture entitled, “Educational Perspectives of Voluntary Immigrants vs. Involuntary Immigrants.” Voluntary immigrants chose to move to another place while involuntary immigrants encountered circumstances beyond their control which caused them to leave one country for another. She focused especially on the experiences of children who had no control or choice in becoming an immigrant when their families moved. Additionally, differences in perspectives in school may vary, even for children born here but whose families immigrated in the past. Dr. Wasonga’s research indicated that the attitudes of children in school and their work ethics may differ from those who descended from voluntary immigrants and those who descended from involuntary immigrants.

Picture Dr. Teresa Wasonga

Dr. Teresa Wasonga, Image Courtesy of Dr. Andrew Otieno, College of Engineering

Picture of Drs. Christine Kiracofe, Rosita Lopez, Teresa Wasonga, and a member from the audienc

Dr. Christine Kiracofe, PCSM Member; Dr. Rosita Lopez, PCSM Member; Dr. Teresa Wasonga, Guest Lecturer; and a Member from the Audience. Image Courtesy of Dr. Andrew Otieno, College of Engineering

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center graciously allowed the PCSM to borrow A/V equipment to make the PowerPoint presentation possible, as well as inspired the idea for the lecture series. The PCSM hopes to continue the lecture series into the future.