Survey of Universal Design at NIU

The PCPD supports Universal Design. We encourage you to use this survey to self-assess UD in your work and to share your results with your colleagues. To print the survey in a specially formatted print version, choose File > Print in your browser window.

If you would like to send your survey to the Commission, click Submit at the end. Please note that there is no obligation to do so.

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If there are stairs at the main entrance, is there also a ramp, lift or alternative accessible entrance?

Is at least one restroom fully accessible?

Are accessible parking spaces nearby?

Are there curb cuts at drives, parking, and drop off spots near your building?

Can a person with a closed fist operate the sink faucet in the restroom?

Are all levels of the facility connected via an accessible route of travel?


Communication and Publications

Are there quiet work or meeting areas where noise and other distractions are minimized?

Are you and your colleagues aware of issues related to communicating with students of different races, ethnicities, ages, and students who have disabilities?

Do key publications and websites include a statement about your commitment to universal access?

Are all printed materials available in alternate formats (e.g., large print, large print)?

Are written materials reviewed for readability?

Are key documents provided in a language(s) other than English?



Do course syllabi, program documents, etc. include a statement informing students about CAAR?

Do you provide multiple ways for individuals to learn information?

Do you provide multiple ways for individuals to demonstrate their knowledge?

Are program/course materials available in accessible formats?

Are videos shown in the classroom captioned?



Do you know how to request ongoing accommodations by students, faculty, and staff?

Do you know how to request one-time accommodations for faculty, staff, or community members?

Are you familiar with video relay services used by individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing?

Is information about how to request disability-related accommodations included in publications?

Does the campus map include disability access info for students and visitors?



Is your website accessible for individuals who use screen reading software?

Do electronic resources, including web pages, adhere to accessibility guidelines adopted by NIU?

Is accessibility considered in the procurement process?

Is software available to enlarge screen images?

Is an adjustable-height table available for each type of workstation to assist students who use wheelchairs or who are small or large in stature?


Please note: there is no obligation to submit this survey.