Retiree Permits

Parking permit renewal time has arrived! Please read the information below as some of the rules and criteria have changed in regards to your 2018-2019 Retiree Parking Permit.

Retiree: An individual receiving a pension from the State Universities Retirement System, whose last employer was NIU.

A parking permit is available for a retiree to purchase upon the effective date of retirement for those with no outstanding tickets on their record. A university identification card showing retirement status is required to obtain the permit. One card ID's that will be acceptable must have the following status on them: Retiree or Professor Emeritus. No other ID will be acceptable.

Effective June 1, 2017 there will be a $10 fee to purchase your 2018/2019 parking permit.

A retiree parking permit allows you to park in any Blue, Orange, Yellow, or Brown parking lot. If utilizing pay parking, such as the Visitor Pay lot, or meters/paystations, payment is required as posted. Parking in no parking zones, reserved spaces and service spaces is prohibited. If parking in handicapped spaces, you are required to display your handicapped placard and/or plates along with your retiree permit. 15-minute spaces may be utilized without a retiree permit.

These permits are issued as a privilege, and are not to be used by relatives or other persons actively employed by, or enrolled in the university.

Purchasing Your Permit

There are two ways to get your Retiree Parking Permit:

  • You may come into the Parking Office with your completed registration form, your Retiree or Professor Emeritus One Card, and your $10 payment.
  • You may also send your completed registration form, along with a copy of your Retiree or Professor Emeritus One card, and a check for $10 made payable to Northern Illinois University.

Mail the above forms and payment to:

Northern Illinois University
Campus Parking Services
121 Normal Road
DeKalb, IL 60115

Note: Retiree's are not subject to the $10 office surcharge

Apply for your permit