About Appeals

Parking Ticket Appeals

  • Who can make ticket appeals: persons who believe extenuating circumstances caused them to receive a ticket may appeal the citation. Documentation of the extenuating circumstances should be included in the appeal.
  • Appeal Forms are available at Campus Parking Services and on the Parking Services website. Submit the completed appeal form to Campus Parking Services. You may also submit your appeal online by filling out the Parking Assessment Appeal Form. A separate form is required for each citation unless the violations are directly related.
  • If an appeal is denied, the amount due on the ticket reverts to the original citation amount.

Time period for making appeals

  • Appeals must be filed with Campus Parking Services within 10 business days of the citation date.
  • All appeals not approved by office review are adjudicated by the Parking Appeals Committee. Upon denial of a written appeal, an in-person appeal before the Parking Appeals Committee may be requested, if available. Appointments for in-person appeals must be made with Campus Parking Services within 10 business days from the denial date. Appointments may be scheduled by calling 815-753-1045 or e-mail parking@niu.edu.
  • There are a limited number of time slots each month for personal appeals. Therefore, a second written appeal may be submitted in lieu of a personal appeal. Persons who are unable to attend their second appeal appointment must contact Campus Parking Services 24 hours in advance. Failure to appear for your scheduled appointment will result in an automatic denial and the amount due will revert back to the original citation amount.
  • The decisions of the Parking Appeals Committee are final.