About Us

About Us

The goal of the SmartSpace@NIU initiative is to establish online learning communities throughout the entire northern Illinois region, using the broadband fiber network to expand educational experiences for school age learners, their teachers, and future educators.

Our Mission

The mission of SmartSpace@NIU is to establish eLearning communities that encourage collaboration among K-12 learners, current and future educators, and the community.  Our online experiences are designed to promote creativity and to help K-12 learners engage in technology- and literacy-based activities and make connections across various disciplines.

We also hope to open doors for pre-service candidates to become well-prepared educators by engaging with highly diverse student populations and cutting-edge, technology-based instructional delivery modes. In addition, we provide NIU with a direct link for faculty to work closely with youth and teachers to explore innovative learning opportunities in academic and career areas.

Contact Us

The SmartSpace@NIU Office is located in the P-20 Center, 307 Lowden Hall, Northern Illinois University


Mary Baker Mary Baker
Outreach and Engagement Associate
Mary coordinates SmartSpace as well as assisting with project management and communications for university-wide, P-20 engagement efforts.

Paulette Bowman Paulette Bowman
Administrative Assistant
Paulette provides administrative support for university-wide P-20 initiatives.

SmartSpace is part of the NIU Center for P-20 Engagement. The P-20 Center coordinates university-wide projects with external partners across the continuum from pre-school (P) to graduate school and beyond (20). For more information about the P-20 Center, see www.niu.edu/p20.