Teen Read

Teen Read Official Event


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Ender's Game at NIU

Gillian King-CargileConvener

Gillian King-Cargile
Coordinator – NIU STEM Teen Read
Introductions and Overview of STEM Teen Read


Jon MillerKeynote Speaker

Jon S. Miller
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Acting Director, Center for Secondary Science & Mathematics Education
Director, Teacher Licensure Program for Biology
"Bugging Out! Entomology in Ender's Game" Interactive Presentation


Jeremy Benson
Associate, NIU STEM Outreach
"Space Travel" Interactive Presentation

Matt Wiesner
Doctoral Candidate, Department of Physics
Manager, NIU Observatory
"Space Travel" Interactive Presentation

Danielle Hill
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
"Your Body in Space" Interactive Presentation

Victoria Books
Instructor, Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education
Director, FIT Program
"Your Body in Space" Interactive Presentation

Yale Factor
Professor Emeritus, School of Art
"The Art of Alien Life Forms" Interactive Presentation


Lieutenant Colonel David Dosier
US Army

David Gunkel
Presidential Teaching Professor of Media Studies
Department of Communication, NIU

Toni Tollerud
Presidential Teaching Professor of Counseling
Department of Counseling, Adult and Higher Education, NIU

Sergeant Tyler Baker
Pilot, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Illinois Army National Guard

Lunch Time Exhibitors

Army National Guard

Digital Convergence Lab

Follett Library Resources

Midwest Museum of Natural History

NIU Admissions

NIU Military Science


STEM Outreach

STEM Teen Read