Preparing New Educators

Preparation of New Educators

P-20 Task Force Goal 2: Improve teacher success on selected aspects of national standards for educators

Description and Action Steps

NIU will increase the supply of competent educators in critical shortage areas and ensure all teacher and certification graduates have relevant knowledge, skills, and dispositions in their respective disciplines.

  1. Curricular changes needed to address new state mandates such as RtI (Response to Intervention). Faculty and staff involved in teacher preparation will seek approval for revised courses and programs as they implement actions identified through alignment efforts overseen by CITCE.
  2. NIU Teacher Graduate Survey. The Vice-Provost’s Office and the teacher preparation programs are reviewing and reporting results of surveys of NIU graduates in order to monitor employment status, preparedness, and needs.  


  3. Critical Shortage Areas. Now being handled by the Vice-Provost’s Office.
  4. Identification and implementation of actions to increase readiness of teacher education graduates. The P-20 Center will work with other campus centers and organizations to support the creation of learning communities of teacher educators around professional development topics such as RtI, data-driven decision making, 21st Century Skills, and professional development schools. This may include a seminar series as well as facilitating discussions within the learning communities. In October 2010, the Center will host a meeting for ROEs and partner superintendents to discuss needs and concerns from the field.

Milestones and Outcomes

During the spring semester 2009, the project team compiled existing research on school staffing needs, surveyed regional administrators, and began identifying new skill sets needed by future teachers.

This project seeks to align NIU’s education certification programs with market needs. The Center for P-20 Engagement is providing facilitation and support for initial phases of the project at the request of the P-20 Task Force.


June 1, 2009 - How can we improve the readiness of NIU teacher candidates for the realities of today’s classrooms?

February 8, 2010 - Curriculum mapping workshop for educator preparation program directors - Link to the workshop website.







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