P-20 Task Force Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement

    Visual Culture and Art Education

    NIU College: Visual and Performing Arts
    Location:  St Mary School, DeKalb, IL
    Level: Grades 3 and 7

    We understand our world by finding meaning in visual and verbal information and the coded messages we encounter every day. Through Art Education, students can learn how to interpret visual and verbal cultural codes. By creating, critiquing, and discussing art, students develop and enhance their understanding of their world and culture.

    As part of the Visual Culture and Art Education Project, NIU Art Education students will develop lessons that incorporate topics from other academic subject areas for 3rd and 7th grade students at St. Mary School in DeKalb. These lessons will provide opportunities for St. Mary’s students to increase their understanding of art vocabulary and the concept of “Visual Culture” according to Illinois State Learning Standards, while providing NIU Art Education students with real classroom experience.


    Fall 2009

    • NIU students begin teaching art lessons in the classrooms.
    • Evaluation data is collected.

    Spring 2010

    • Second semester NIU students continue teaching art classes incorporating lessons learned from fall semester.