P-20 Task Force Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement

    Enhancing Multi-Literacies through Digital Story Creation

    NIU College: College of Education; Department of Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment
    Location: Genoa Elementary School, Genoa, IL
    Level: Grades 4 and 5

    Emerging technologies have changed the way society communicates and the way educators look at literacy. Today’s students need to develop strong reading and writing skills as well proficiencies in a wide range of new literacies or multi-literacies. These new “literacies” include information literacy, visual literacy, and digital literacy as well as technology skills.

    Dr. Rhonda Robinson and doctoral student Kristin Brynteson are working with teachers at Genoa Elementary School in Genoa, Illinois, to develop an art-and-technology-centered language arts unit designed to enhance students’ multi-literacy skills.

    The language arts unit will include lessons on the following:

    • Researching information online
    • Writing interactive fact-based fiction
    • Creating artwork to enhance a story
    • Producing digital presentations


    Fall 2009

    • Establish partnership team: NIU staff and Genoa Elementary Teachers.
    • Collaboratively design and develop unit plan, technology support tools, and assessment.
    • Develop and deliver professional development for participating teachers.

    Spring 2010

    • Collaborate with site teachers to schedule, deliver, and assess unit plan.
    • Collect evaluation data.
    • Develop an implementation plan with a new team of teachers for the 2010 – 2011 school year.