P-20 Task Force Goal 1: Increase Student Achievement

    Integrating Content Area Instruction and Literacy

    NIU Colleges: College of Education, Department of Literacy Education, Department of Kinesiology /Physical Education
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of English, Department of History
    College of Health and Human Services, Department of Public Health and Health Education
    Location: NIU
    Level: Higher Education

    Northern Illinois University stands at the cusp of new developments in content specific literacy instruction with the understanding that different disciplines have specific ways of learning and performing, and unique and diverse ways of reading and analyzing texts, as well as approaching critical problems. Understanding skills needed in each discipline requires ongoing dialogue and collaboration between secondary literacy educators and content specialists. This project begins to develop the collaborations necessary between literacy education and other content areas, such as kinesiology and English to create disciplinary-specific literacy courses. The purpose is to assist secondary education majors in developing literacy strategies that are focused on their areas of specialization.


    Collaboration with Kinesiology/
    Health Education

    Fall 2009

    • Literacy faculty will work with kinesiology faculty to integrate physical education and literacy at initial levels.
    • Literacy faculty will discuss with health educators how content literacy instruction can help develop “health literacy” in secondary students, as promoted in the 21st Century Skills Framework.

    Spring 2010

    • More concerted integration of P.E. and literacy.
    • Begin collecting data about physical education students’ perceptions of the integration of P.E. and literacy.