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Frequently Asked Questions

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Visit ENGAGE! for a listing of the engagement and outreach activities happening on campus.     


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does P-20 engagement mean?

2. What does the Center for P-20 Engagement do?

3. Are there resources that I can use to begin a project?

4. How do I form a partnership with a community agency?

5. How should a community agency, business, or school go about forming a partnership with NIU experts?

6. Will affiliating with the P-20 Network help me get grants?

7. Who gets credit if I get a grant after using your services?

8. Does the Center host conferences, workshops, or professional development?

9. How is the Center funded?

10. What does engagement mean to NIU faculty and staff as individuals?

11. How do students benefit from engagement?

12. How does the community benefit from NIU's outreach and engagement activities?