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Certification Programs

Helping your members grow personally and professionally is a priority for any association. This requires a commitment to provide members with top quality training and resources to ensure they are constantly updated about current issues affecting the profession, the industry and the association. NIU is here to work with your association to help you meet the educational needs of your members.

Northern Illinois University Outreach partners with numerous national and international associations and has an established reputation as a leader in the delivery of certification prep courses. NIU also works with associations and organizations to provide educational programs to support continuing education.

Certification Programs

New and Customized Programs
If your Association sponsors a professional credential and is seeking a university partner to deliver educational programs to support it, we need to talk! If your organization is seeking to develop a new credential, we may be able to help you think through the process and connect you with resources and experts to assist with this effort.

NIU Professional Development is growing to include numerous industries. Our highly qualified instructor teams of NIU faculty and industry professionals with hands-on, real life work experience, creates a blend of instructors that combines the research and instructional expertise of the NIU faculty with practical application experience of people in the field.

NIU programs receive numerous awards for excellence and recognitions for outstanding candidate pass rates, enrollments, and preferred provider status of several large associations including the Society for Human Resource Management, Institute of Internal Auditors, Institute of Management Accountants, and the International Facility Management Association. We currently offer programs in the following areas:

If your organization is interested in learning more about professional development opportunities for your members, contact Donna M. Mann, Director, Credentialing Programs or call (815) 732-6249 today!


Also consider our Online Education Programs, our Education Program Analysis Services, our Workshops and Seminars and our Subject Matter Experts for your Education and Training needs!