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Broadband Development Group

Doug Power

Doug Power is Senior Consultant and Research Associate in the Broadband Development Group of the Regional Development Institute of Northern Illinois University.  His experience covers a broad range of metropolitan, wide area, and regional networks.  He has participated in a range of technical and management positions to develop telecommunications strategies that involve fiber optics, WANs, and wireless systems.  He served as an advisor to the City of Chicago Law Department on the development of municipal policies and ordinances dealing with the telecommunications, cable, and wireless industries.  He has installed and managed major voice and data networks with populations of near 100,000 stations for organizations such as the City of Chicago and the State of Ohio.  Working in these positions, Doug has been responsible for ongoing operational requirements, such as maintenance and system design, as well as strategic and financial planning, forecasting, and budgeting with all departments for these services within the organization. 

He has worked with NIU to prepare proposals that have received numerous grants for implementation of broadband strategies to enhance economic development, and is working with the State of Illinois Broadband Deployment Council.  Current projects include the Vince Demuzio Rural Broadband Initiative in Macoupin and Montgomery Counties, and the Northern Illinois Technology Triangle.  Mr. Power earned a BA in Communications from the University of Illinois at Chicago, has been a presenter at numerous WAN conferences and seminars, and recently co-authored Telecommunications and the Future: The U.S. and Illinois Are Falling Behind, a Policy Profiles publication from the Regional Development Institute at Northern Illinois University.