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Broadband Development Group

Alan Kraus

Alan Kraus, Executive Director, is currently Executive Director of the Broadband Development Group at the Regional Development Institute at Northern Illinois University. Prior to his appointment at the University Mr. Kraus had over thirty years of experience in the development and management of telecommunications companies. Twelve of those years were spent with Viacom and Cablevision with management assignments in business development and cable system operations. From the early 1980’s until his current assignment at NIU Mr. Kraus developed and built companies that provided Broadband support services to public and private sector organizations.

These companies under Mr. Kraus’s direction grew from a single employee to revenues exceeding $5 million dollars and 50 employees. These companies were early implementers of Ethernet over Broadband in the manufacturing environments and community-based metropolitan area networks. In particular these companies were known for advising local governments and educational institutions in the development and application of Broadband technologies.

Some of the organizations for which Mr. Kraus has been a featured speaker include the National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, the National Cable Telecommunications Association, The Law Institute, Rural Health Association and the Illinois Municipal League.

Mr. Kraus has been author or co-author of a number of industry papers and articles. Topics discussed were “Effective Implementation of Broadband Technology”, “Best Practices and Critical Success Factors for Public Sector Connectivity”, “Developing Strategies to Advance Telecommunications Connectivity”.

Mr. Kraus holds a BS in Communications from Southern Illinois University and a Masters in Liberal Arts from the University of Chicago. He is currently adjunct faculty at Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies.