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Funding Announcements: Arts, Humanities & International

National Endowment for the Humanities:  Digging into Data Challenge

Funded internationally by several sponsors, the Digging into Data Challenge seeks to address how “big data” changes the research landscape for the humanities and the social sciences. Now that we have massive databases of materials used by scholars in these disciplines, what new, computational research methods might we apply to obtain heretofore unobtainable information? Digging into Data challenges the research community to help create the new research infrastructure for 21st century scholarship.

Applicants will form international teams from at least two of the participating countries. Two-year projects should be developed, designed to begin in January 2015. At the end of the project period, the research team will disseminate the results at a special conference convened by the NEH.

Previously funded projects include investigating linked parliamentary data from the UK, Canada, and the Netherlands, mining billions of Twitter tweets to understand human migration and regional linguistic variation, and developing a semantic search system to help research and the public study scientific documents on biodiversity.

More information can be found here and here.

The deadline is expected to be May 15, 2014, but updates will be available on the websites noted.