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FY13 Annual Report of NIU’s External Funding 

NIU faculty and staff secured over $30 million in external funding for fiscal year (FY) 2013. These external funds represent 372 awards for 145 faculty and staff.  Despite the continually challenging funding climate, funding for research projects increased 21% over FY12. Federal funding, which accounted for almost half of NIU’s total external funding portfolio, provided over 80% of NIU’s research funding.

Proposal submission activity at NIU also increased over the previous year with NIU faculty and staff requesting over $109 million in external funding, an increase of 36% over FY12. These requests represent 439 proposals for 206 faculty and staff.

OSP congratulates the faculty and staff who received external funding during the previous year and appreciates the efforts of those who submitted proposals.

Detailed information regarding NIU’s FY13 funding portfolio can be found in the OSP Annual Report online.  Previous Annual Reports are available online.  In addition, we will continue to post quarterly reports throughout FY14.  These are all available on the OSP website under About OSP--in the section for OSP Award Data.