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Funding Opportunities: Social Sciences

NSF: Interdisciplinary Behavioral and Social Science Research (IBSS)

Synopsis: This solicitation intends to promote interdisciplinary research by teams of investigators in the social and behavioral sciences. Specifically, NSF requests proposals for projects involving theoretical approaches and methodologies from multiple disciplinary social and behavioral science fields that are likely to yield generalizable insights and information that will advance basic knowledge and capabilities across multiple disciplines. Proposals must include three or more senior personnel from at least two different social and behavioral disciplines.

Limitations: An individual may serve as senior personnel on only one IBSS proposal submitted in a single fiscal year.

Awards: Large interdisciplinary research projects may request up to $1 million. Interdisciplinary Team Exploratory Projects (efforts by emerging teams that facilitate the contact and activities necessary to facilitate engaging in effective interdisciplinary research) may request up to $250,000.

Deadline: The next full proposal deadline date for this program is December 03, 2013. Further information (including a link to guidelines) is available on the program page: http://www.nsf.gov/funding/pgm_summ.jsp?pims_id=504832

For an extensive list of grant deadlines and program descriptions, visit to the Grants Resource Center (GRC). GRC publishes an upcoming "Deadlines" list each month. Various Fellowships are included. To access GRC, you must be linked to an NIU server.  A proxy login is available; contact your Research Development Specialist for off-campus login information.

Please note that NIU faculty and staff may not be eligible to apply for all the programs listed at the GRC site; some may have geographic limitations or be targeted to medical schools, minority institutions, etc.  Check individual agency sites for detailed guidelines of a particular listing, or contact your Research Development Specialist for assistance in determining eligibility for a funding opportunity.