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Funding Opportunities: Health and Mental Health

1. NIH- R03 for Advancing the Science of Geriatric Palliative Care

Synopsis: This Funding Opportunity Announcement encourages research grant applications focused on palliative care in geriatric populations. This new R03 (Small Grant) announcement specifically encourages projects primarily aimed at collection of pilot data, demonstration of feasibility, development of new methodology, or other goals of limited scope requiring short-term support. The call for proposals emphasizes studies in a variety of settings including ambulatory care, hospitals (and specific sites within hospitals including specialty wards, intensive care units and emergency departments), assisted living facilities, and short- and long-term care facilities; however, hospice and end-of-life settings are not included within the scope of this FOA, as they are the subject of other NIH programs. Rather, this FOA highlights research on palliative care in settings and at time points earlier in geriatric patients' disease or disability trajectories. Types of studies may include observational, quasi-experimental, or pilot interventional studies using primary data collection and/or secondary analyses. Leveraging on-going cohorts, intervention studies, networks, data and specimen repositories, and other existing resources and infrastructure are encouraged.

Awards: The R03 grant mechanism supports small research projects that can be carried out in a short period of time and with limited resources. It allows investigators a project period of up to two years and a budget for direct costs of up to two $25,000 modules or $50,000 per year.

More Info: More information about this funding announcement can be found here: http://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=243115.

2. Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative -2014 Pilot and Research Award

Synopsis: The Simons Foundation seeks innovative, high-impact proposals requesting support for small-scale projects or early-stage experiments that will build on preliminary data or a prior track record and lead to competitive applications for funding by SFARI or other organizations. Investigators new to the field of autism are encouraged to apply for Pilot Awards.

The Simons Foundation has a very tight vision for the disbursement of their awards. Typically, they have focused on gene discovery in the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC), a repository of samples and data from families that have one child with autism and unaffected parents and siblings and making that genome information available to the larger research community. They also have a clinical focus; these projects should be grounded, however, in biological research rather than intervention testing.

Awards: The maximum budget is $125,000, including indirect costs, per year for up to two (2) years.

Deadlines: Prospective applicants must submit a three-page letter of intent (LOI) using the LOI template via proposalCENTRAL. The deadline for LOI submission is October 11, 2013, 5 p.m. ET. If invited, full proposals would be due in February.

More Info: For more information and application materials, check this site: http://sfari.org/funding/grants/pilot-and-research-award-rfa/pilot-research-award-rfa-index

3. NIH-R21 for Improving Diet and Physical Activity Assessment.

Synopsis: This call for proposals encourages innovative research to enhance the quality of measurements of dietary intake and physical activity. Applications submitted under this FOA may include development of: novel assessment approaches; better methods to evaluate instruments; assessment tools for culturally diverse populations or various age groups, including children and older adults; improved technology or applications of existing technology; statistical methods to assess or correct for measurement errors or biases, methods to investigate the multidimensionality of diet and physical activity behavior through pattern analysis; or integrated measurement of diet and physical activity along with the environmental context of such behavior.

Awards: The R21 grant mechanism allows for a project period of up to two years. The combined budget for direct costs for the two year project period may not exceed $275,000, with no more than $200,000 requested in any single year.

More Info: More information can be found at: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/pa-files/PAR-09-225.html


For an extensive list of grant deadlines and program descriptions, visit to the Grants Resource Center (GRC). GRC publishes an upcoming "Deadlines" list each month. Various Fellowships are included. To access GRC, you must be linked to an NIU server.  A proxy login is available; contact your Research Development Specialist for off-campus login information.

Please note that NIU faculty and staff may not be eligible to apply for all the programs listed at the GRC site; some may have geographic limitations or be targeted to medical schools, minority institutions, etc.  Check individual agency sites for detailed guidelines of a particular listing, or contact your Research Development Specialist for assistance in determining eligibility for a funding opportunity.