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The Award Lifecycle

Negotiating Awards

Budget and/or Scope of Work Negotiations

When a sponsor decides to support a project, it may fund the project at a different level from that requested. The sponsor may also want changes in the proposed work or in the services to be provided by the PI. If so, the sponsor will notify the University of its desire to negotiate the award agreement.  Depending on the kind of change negotiated, a revised System Tracking and External Projects (STEP) form (PDF) may be prepared and new approvals required. The PI will work with their Research Development Specialist on revising the budget and STEP forms will be completed for budget revisions that must be submitted to and approved by the sponsor prior to release of award.

University Processes when Negotiating and Accepting Awards

1. Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)

Public trust is essential to the scientific endeavor.  It is therefore paramount that research conducted at NIU be unbiased and of the highest integrity.  Toward this end, and in-line with changes to NIH regulations related to financial conflict of interest, the NIU Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (ORCI) has revised its Research Conflict of Interest Policy. The purpose of the policy is to better ensure that financial conflicts of interest do not affect the conduct of research performed at NIU. Consult the ORCI with questions regarding FCOI.

Note: PIs and Key Personnel receiving support from the PHS/NIH have special FCOI requirements associated with receiving a PHS/NIH funded award. Consult the ORCI with questions regarding FCOI training.

2. Compliance Protocols

If you believe your project involves human subjects, animal subjects, recombinant DNA, or biohazards, you should contact the NIU Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (ORCI) for assistance. Sponsor and university regulations require that approvals be obtained by the appropriate university compliance committee(s) before an award is made, and in some cases, that approvals be obtained at or soon after submission of the proposal. You should be aware that you cannot begin data gathering on your project until university clearances have been obtained. Your project's involvement with any of these compliance issues is noted on the OSP System Tracking and External Project (STEP) form and SPA cannot set up an account until all compliance activities applicable to your award are approved. 

Institutional Review Board Procedures >

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Procedures >

The Institutional Biosafety Committee Procedures >

When Receiving NIH Awards: Just-in-Time Procedures

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Just-In-Time (JIT) process requires applicants to submit certain information to the NIH only if an award is likely. This process decreases the administrative burden for applications that will not receive funding and provides NIH with the most current information “just-in-time” for award. JIT information includes up-to-date Other Support (current and pending time commitments), compliance approvals (IACUC, IRB), and Human Subjects Education Documentation. Submission of JIT materials to the NIH must be reviewed by SPA prior to submission. More >