The Award Lifecycle

After Submitting a Proposal: What happens after your proposal is submitted

Receive an Award Notice?

If you have received an official notice of award, send it as soon as possible to the SPA Award Coordinator. The Award Coordinator will initiate the official NIU acceptance of award process, develop the SPA Notice of Award and your award will be assigned to a Grant Administrator.

The Grant Administrator will set up your grant in the University financial system and assign a grant number (e.g. a 44 account) to the account and notify you of the account information via the official NIU Notice of Award. PIs are encouraged to request a meeting with their grant administrator to discuss post-award processes and expectations for managing an award. Please remember that a grant account cannot be established until all compliance issues have been reviewed and approved.

Receive a Denial Notice?

Please notify SPA if you receive information from the sponsor regarding a denial.  If the sponsor’s notification is sent directly to SPA, an SPA Denial Notice will be generated via NIUeRA.  You will receive this notice via email. 
If you receive a denial notice, you are encouraged to contact your appropriate SPA development staff to discuss the Reviewers Comments and your plan for future submissions.

If the agency to which you applied provides information on the reviewers' comments, please request them and, when you receive them, contact your SPA Research Development Specialist. Using those comments, your RDS can discuss the comments with you, perhaps help you to identify another potential funding source or to reorganize your project to revise and submit the application. If the agency does not provide comments, SPA staff will help you based on their expertise and previous experiences.

Furthermore, if you submitted an application to a federal sponsor and received a score (e.g. NIH) or reviewer comments encouraging you to resubmit, you may contact the Associate Vice President for Research (AVP) to discuss plans to revise and resubmit your proposal as part of the Division for Research and Graduate Studies “A1” program. The A1 program can assist with identifying external reviewers to review the declined proposal against reviewer comments and identify a strategy for resubmission. Stipends may be available for the external reviewers and will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the AVP. The AVP works closely with SPA Proposal Support staff when discussing plans to revise and resubmit to promote collaboration between the AVP and SPA offices and to ensure the highest quality of pre-award support for NIU investigators. 

Receive Other Contact from the Agency?

If you are contacted by the sponsor with questions regarding the proposal or budget, please inform your Research Development Specialist.  If a sponsor inquires about negotiation of proposal or budget items, our office will assist you in negotiations and responses to sponsors.