The Award Lifecycle

Current & Pending Support

What is Current and Pending Support?

Most if not all grant funders will request a statement of “Current and Pending Support” (also referred to as “Other Support”): a listing of projects which are currently funded or for which funding is pending. Such information is typically required for each key person named in a proposal.

Why is it requested or required?

Most sponsors require that this information be submitted with the proposal; however, some (i.e., the National Institutes of Health and other PHS agencies) do not request current and pending information until an award seems likely. Sponsors require current and pending support statements for two reasons:

  1. To ensure that key personnel have sufficient time available to devote to the proposed project.
  2. To ensure that the proposed project does not significantly overlap with other projects currently receiving federal funding (i.e. scientific overlap).

Type of information requested; format

While formats and required information elements vary by sponsor, in most cases, a current and pending statement must include the title, sponsor, status (i.e., “current” or “pending”), start and end dates, amount of funding, and time commitment for each project listed. Some sponsors (e.g., USDA) require that an award or proposal number be listed, and some (e.g., NSF) want the location where each project is being performed. Sponsors usually want to see the time commitment shown as a number of person months; however, some still want to know the percentage of effort.

Who completes current and pending forms?

SPA keeps a record of all pending and awarded external funding proposals. Using these records, your Research Development Specialist can (given enough time) compile a list of currently awarded and pending externally funded projects, customized to the format and information requirements of the particular sponsor to which you are applying, and send the document to you for review. 

PIs are responsible for reviewing the information carefully for accuracy prior to proposal submission.