Student of the Semester: Spring 2012

AlexAlyssa (Alex) Fatigati

Major: Pre-Physical Therapy

Hometown: Darien, Illinois (Hinsdale South High School)

Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2015

What is your major and why did you choose it? My major is Pre-Physical Therapy. I decided to go into Physical Therapy when I got injured in Gymnastics. I tore my ACL, MCL, meniscus, ligaments, and cartilage all at once. I needed to attend physical therapy and decided I would love to be the person helping.

What activities or organization are you currently involved in? I am currently a member of the Leadership Academy and I am a Huskie Cheerleader. I also do as much volunteer work I can like Huskie Paws for a Cause.

Please list some of the awards and achievements that you have been recognized for? I was selected to be a member for the Lead NIU SUMMIT.

Why did you choose to come to NIU? I chose to come to NIU because they have a great Physical Therapy program. They also have a lot of activities to get involved for Physical Therapy as well as other academic programs.

Please tell us your favorite thing about NIU? My favorite thing about NIU is that everyone is accepted. There are many things to get involved that everyone can find something that they are interested in. There is a lot of diversity and every works together to fulfill goals.

How do you define success? Success to me is achieving goals and putting in 110% to try and achieve them. Success to me isn’t always winning but, rather to try your hardest and do what your capable of.

Can you think of an NIU Staff member who has helped you in your success at NIU and why? Missy Lugo was a very positive role model for me. She gave a lot of useful advice to survive my first semester at NIU. She informed me how to get involved and open my eyes to all the activities that NIU has to offer.

What is an obstacle or situation you had to overcome that you believe made you a better student? I needed to learn that nothing can be perfect but it can be close. I learned that when you establish goals you can accomplish them and when you don’t I learned that if I gave 110% to just accept that I tried my best.

Do you have any advice for other NIU students on how to be successful? Get involved. Find things that you would be interested it will help you meet knew people that share the same common interests as you.