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Early Alert/Student Success Program


Early Alert & Referral System (E.A.R.S.)

The Early Alert & Referral System is a collaborative effort between faculty and OSAS to identify students who may be experiencing academic challenges.  Faculty refer students to OSAS and a student success specialist intervenes to provide guidance and support. Student success specialists and faculty work together to make certain that each student within the E.A.R.S. Program is armed with the resources and tactics necessary to succeed at NIU.

The E.A.R.S. system is one of many efforts designed to assist students to help attain their highest academic achievement while at NIU. Its purpose is to interact with select faculty at critical points during each academic semester to help identify students who may need additional support to successfully complete their course requirements. These key intervention periods are pulled from the ideals of intrusive case management.

Once a student has been referred to the Office of Student Academic Success through the Early Alert Program, a collaborative effort of campus resources will be used to help assist the student and enhance his/her academic success.


Are you having trouble in some courses or have you been identified in our Early Alert Program? 

Faculty and Staff:

If you did not get your rosters in for Early Alert, no worries. You can still refer a student here:

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