Destination Graduation


Graduation is Approaching now what?!

Destination Graduation is a workshop held every spring semester that is designed to offer support to students to help prepare them for graduation and beyond.

Thanks to everyone who attended the 2014 Destination Graduation.
Information regarding the spring 2015 event will be posted at a later date.

Destination Graduation will be offered on two nights to allow students who cannot attend the first night the opportunity to attend the second night.

Workshop sessions will include:

  • How to negotiate your salary
  • Health Insurance/Benefits Terminology
  • What is a 401K?
  • Surviving the move back home and into the "real world"
  • Basic Professional Skills in the Workplace
  • Graduate School Information
  • Benefits of staying in touch with your alma mater
  • Budgeting, student loans and debt

Previous Destination Graduation programs and session information:

For more information, please contact Missy Lugo at or 815.752.2007.