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What is Mapworks?

Starting a college career on the right track is important for establishing student career success, and NIU's Mapworks program is here to help from day one. Mapworks is a survey based tool that helps students start off on the right track.

Incoming freshmen and new transfer students who participate in Mapworks have shown the ability to:

  • earn a higher GPA,
  • successfully complete additional courses,
  • reduce the risk of academic probation,
  • and benefit from additional NIU support and resources.

Students will receive an email in their NIU student email account inviting them to participate in the Mapworks survey.

Once the survey is completed, students will receive a personalized report summarizing their strengths and possible challenges as well as related campus resources. Pertinent faculty and staff (success specialists, advisors, etc.) will also have access to this information so they can provide additional assistance.

Student Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources


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2016-2017 Survey Dates

Fall Transition Survey
September 10th - October 3rd

Spring Transition Survey
February 4th - February 27th