Guiding Principles of OSAS

Guiding Principles of OSAS

Guiding Principles of the OSAS

Guiding Principles

Great Journey Strategic Plan

The OSAS was created as an initiative from the Great Journey Strategic Plan. The Presidential Task Force on Student Success set forth goals to increase student retention and academic success at NIU.

Hardwiring for Student Success

The Educational Advisory Board's University Leadership Council has engaged in research and created numerous best practices in student retention. The OSAS believes in, and has implemented these practices to assist students.

Proactive Case Management

The OSAS has created a model of proactive case management based on the ideas of intrusive advising. This method assists the OSAS in identifying students in need of further assistance to help them to persist graduation.

Developmental Advocacy

The OSAS has created a model of developmental advocacy based on the ideas of developmental advising. By implementing this method, the OSAS is able to engage students in goal-centered interactions.

Student Success Coaching

The OSAS has created a model of Student Success Coaching based on the research of Appreciative Advising and Advising as Coaching. This model drives the developmental student interaction in the OSAS.

Vision 2020

Vision 2020 was established in 2010 at NIU with many goals that align directly with the mission and vision of the OSAS. Vision 2020 emphasizes the joining of the campus community to increase retention and graduation rates.