Advising at Orientation

Depending on your major, advising during your orientation day will vary. Your advisor is an important resource at NIU. They are here to help you meet your academic and career goals. Advisors will help you map out your courses and plan for the future. Your advisor is excited to meet you at orientation!

Since the time you meet with your advisor will vary, we ask you be patient. You may have to wait a bit to speak with your advisor. Bring snacks or something to drink while you wait!

To prepare for advising at orientation, see below.

Be sure to bring copies of your transcripts. This includes other courses you may have taken at another college.

  • Review the General Education Degree requirements.
  • View your major course descriptions and requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.
  • Explore your major college’s advising website. This will help you to be familiar with advising expectations by your college.
  • Make a list of potential courses you are interested in taking and that you want to discuss with your advisor.
  • Take a look at your college’s four year degree path at The goal is to promote student success by guiding you to completion of your degree within a reasonable amount of time.

 Registration at Orientation

After you’ve completed the orientation program and met with your advisor, you can register for classes.* The orientation program will have computer labs for you to use and staff will be available to help you.

*Please note: Undergraduate students (new and current) are also given an enrollment date/time based on the total number of credit hours earned including hours in progress, transfer, proficiency and NIU hours. The more hours a student has earned, the earlier they can register.

Students, please log onto your MyNIU to verify your eligibility to register. If you choose to come to orientation before your eligibility to register, you will not be able to register at orientation.