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Reporting Concerns

Human Subjects

In the event of a serious medical concern involving research participants, please call 911 immediately.

Concerns about research with human subjects that you believe may compromise the rights and welfare of human subjects, or that may compromise the integrity of the data gathered from this research, may be reported by contacting one of the following:

IRB Chair Dr. Chris Parker (IRB #1)
Phone: 815-753-7120
Email: cparker@niu.edu

IRB Chair Dr. Laura Pittman (IRB #2)
Phone: 815-753-2485
Email: lpittman@niu.edu

Research Compliance Coordinator Jeanette Gommel
Phone: 815-753-8588
Email: jgommel@niu.edu

Associate Vice President for Research Dr. Jerry Blazey
Phone: 815-753-9282
Email: gblazey@niu.edu

All allegations will remain confidential to the extent possible. When the complainant wishes to be openly identified, the IRB Chair will acknowledge receipt of the allegations to the complainant in writing.

Whistleblower Information