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Institutional Biosafety


General Contact Information

Thomas Sims, Ph.D.
Phone 815-753-0461
Email tsims@niu.edu

Laboratory Safety Manager
Michele Crase
Phone 815-753-9251

Research Compliance Coordinator 
(for questions related to the IBC approval process)
Jeanette Gommel
Telephone 815-753-8588
Email jgommel@niu.edu

Emergency Contact Information

In the event of a serious emergency, 911 should be called immediately.

Animal Medical Emergency involving biohazardous substances:

Corinna Kashuba, DVM, PhD, DACLAM
815-508-1446 (mobile)
815-753-8524 (office)

Malta Veterinary Hospital
(in the event that Dr. Kashuba cannot be reached)

Laboratory Safety Manager:

Michele Crase
815-753-9251 (office)