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Animal Research

Training and Education Requirements

Evidence of Skills and Experience

Animal users must provide evidence of skills and experience with the procedures listed in their IACUC Protocols. Additional training may be required at the discretion of the IACUC.

Mandatory Animal User Training

Federal regulations and guidelines require animal users to complete basic training in animal care and use legislation, IACUC function, ethics, animal handling and procedures used in IACUC protocols. Animal users are always encouraged to participate in additional relevant training if they feel it may benefit their projects.

Northern Illinois University animal users fulfill federal requirements by participating in the following mandatory animal user training:

1. Annual IACUC Training Seminar  More >

2. Animal Handling Workshops  More >

3. CITI Training for Animal Users  More >

Personal Consultation

Dr. Richard B. King
Phone: 815-753-7833
Email: RBKing@niu.edu

Attending Veterinarian
Corinna Kashuba
Phone: 815-753-8524
Email: ckashuba@niu.edu

Laboratory Safety Manager 
Michele Crase
Telephone 815-753-9251
Email mcrase@niu.edu

Video Resources

The following videos can be accessed via YouTube. Please contact the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity for the link.

2014: Ensuring Compliance, Protocol Development, Participant Training and Occupational Health and Safety

2013: General Procedures and Policies, New Online IACUC Application Process, Emergency Action Plan

2012: Barrier rodent housing at NIU: Keeping the Bugs in and out

2011: An Overview of Services Offered by the University of Missouri’s Research Animal Diagnostic Laboratory (RADIL)

2010: Changes in the Guide for the Care and Use for Laboratory Animals