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Meet the Faculty of the Master of Science in Art Education

Dr. Boughton

Douglas Boughton

Ph.D., University of Alberta-Edmonton

Phone: 815.753.7877

Research Interests: Assessment of student learning in art, art curriculum policy, multiculturalism, and international issues in art and design education.

Publications: Dr. Boughton has published in excess of ninety articles and book chapters, a monograph, and three co-edited books on the above topics (including publications in Chinese, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Greek, and Slovenian languages).

International Keynotes, Public Lectures, and Invited Addresses: Dr. Boughton has given keynote addresses and invited lectures in twenty-five countries throughout Europe, Asia, South America, North America, South East Asia and the Pacific regions.

Awards & Honors: Dr. Boughton's achievements include elected membership of the National Council for Policy Studies in Art Education (USA), a Distinguished Fellow of the NAEA (National Art Education Association), an honorary life member of the Australian Institute of Art Education and the South Australian Visual Arts Education Association. Additionally, he won the Studies in Art Education Invited Lecture Award for consistent contributions through published literature to the direction and scope of the profession, and also won the Edwin Ziegfeld Award by the United States Society for Education for his outstanding contribution to international art education.

Dr. Ciampaglia

Steven Ciampaglia

Ed.D., Northern Illinois University

Phone: 815.753.7865

Websites: &

Research Interests: Critical theory/pedagogy, community art, new media art education, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) in art education

Dr. Freedman

Kerry Freedman

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin - Madison

Phone: 815.753.7879

Research Interests: Dr. Freedman's research focuses on questions concerning the relationship of curriculum to art, culture, and technology. She has investigated social aspects of art education and promoted cultural understanding through her teaching, research, and writing. Recently, she has focused on student engagement with visual culture and issues surrounding curriculum change in light of postmodern educational conditions.

Publications & Editorials: Dr. Freedman is author of the book Teaching Visual Culture, and co-authored the books Postmodern Art Education: An Approach to Curriculum and Transforming Computer Technology. She edited the book Looking Back and co-edited Curriculum, Culture, and Art Education. In addition, she has published over 100 articles and book chapters on art, education, and technology and her work has been translated into multiple languages. Dr. Freedman has served on many editorial boards and is a past Senior Editor of Studies in Art Education, the research journal of the National Art Education Association.

Awards & Honors: Among her honors and awards are the Manual Barkan Memorial Award, the Leon Jackman Award (Australia), National Art Educator of the Year-Higher Education, and she is an NAEA Distinguished Fellow.

Dr. Staikidis

Kryssi Staikidis

Ed.D., Teachers College, Columbia University

Phone: 815.753.8388

Research Interests: Indigenous studies, art studio practice as a site for research, and visual culture/critical pedagogy in the classroom.

Awards & Honors: In 2005, 2007, 2008, and 2010, Dr. Staikidis was awarded Faculty Development Grants from Adelphi University and Northern Illinois University to further her research with Maya artists in Guatemala. In 2014, Dr. Staikidis was the recipient of the National Art Education Association Western Region Higher Education Art Educator Award. In the same year, she was also elected as a member of the Council for Policy Studies in Art Education. In 2015, Dr. Staikidis is the recipient of the National Art Education Association J. Eugene Grigsby Jr. Award that honors individuals who have made distinguished contributions in scholarly writing, research, professional leadership, teaching and/or community service in advancing and promoting celebration of cultural and ethnic heritage within our global community.

Click Here to download Dr. Staikidis's CV

Dr. Siegesmund

Richard Siegesmund

Ph.D., Stanford University (studied under Elliot Eisner)

Phone: 815.753.7880

Research Interests: Arts-based research methodology, aesthetics as a philosophy of care, and how these research directions lead to a new conception of visual literacy as a fundamental human skill.

Awards & Honors: Dr. Siegesmund was a Fulbright Scholar and has received fellowship awards from the Getty Education Institute for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. A Distinguished Fellow of the National Art Education Association, he is also is a recipient of the organization's Manuel Barkan Memorial Award for significance of published research. Currently, he serves as a Visiting Fellow to the Research Institute of the National College of Art and Design, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Wang

Shei-Chau Wang

Ed.D., Northern Illinois University

Phone: 815.753.7878

Research Interests: E-learning in art and design, art assessment in digital/virtual learning environments, and interdisciplinary education through the arts.

Publications & Editorials: Dr. Wang has published articles in both English and Chinese and presented numerous papers at both national and international conferences. He currently serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Education through Art (International Society of Education through Art) and 美育 [the Journal of Aesthetic Education] (National Taiwan Arts Education Center).

If you have questions regarding NIU's Master of Science in Art Education, please contact:

Kryssi Staikidis, Ed.D.


Richard Siegesmund