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Academic Requirements for the Master of Science in Art Education

Earn 30 semester hours as follows:

ARTE 543 – Technology (Credits: 3)

Focuses on technology integration in art and design education and addresses practices, issues, and potentials. Knowledge about and teaching of digital art making, and management of digital technologies appropriate for K-12 settings. Emphasis on collaboration, development of creativity, problem solving and technological knowledge. Hands-on experience with integrating technology into the art curriculum/instruction and creating expressive digital art and other visual images for classroom use.

ARTE 682 – Contemporary Curriculum Issues (Credits: 3)

Sequential curriculum writing for teaching art and design with regards to student cognitive processes and curriculum goals, including culturally responsive, interdisciplinary and technological content. Analysis of the history and current trends in curriculum development. Emphasis on differentiated instructional and assessment methods; curriculum management, advocacy, and leadership. Arrangements for a clinical experience, with a minimum of 25 hours, will be provided to students not currently teaching in a classroom.

ARTE 683/680 - Topics Seminar (Credits: 6)

Investigation and discussion of topics in art education as they relate to issues in the visual arts, society, and education programs. May be repeated to a maximum of 6 semester hours.

ARTE 684 – History & Philosophy (Credits: 3)

Survey and appraisal of the historical and philosophical basis for teaching of art. Consideration of current objectives with implications for change.

ARTE 685 – Research Readings (Credits: 3)

Critical evaluation of primary research. Applying criteria for evaluating: theoretical, descriptive (historical, ethnographic, empirical, and case studies), and experimental research.

ARTE 687 – Assessment (Credits: 3)

Intent, function, and consequences of evaluation and assessment in art and design education. Survey of evaluation of art programs and teaching. Diagnostic, formative, and summative assessment of art. Methods and instrumentation related to evaluation in art education. PRQ: Teaching experience or at least 25 clock hours of clinical experience, or consent of school.

ARTE 780 –Research Project (Credits: 9) OR ARTE XXX – F2F Studio Pedagogy (Credits: 9): 2 week intensive of 120 f2f hrs. (+online)

  • A maximum of 9 semester hours may be taken outside the School of Art. Any program requires the written approval of the major adviser.
  • Additional electives in art education and/or electives in art history, studio art, or related professional courses as approved by the School of Art.

For additional information, visit the graduate catalogue for the M.S. in Art Education.

If you have questions regarding NIU's Master of Science in Art Education, please contact:

Kryssi Staikidis, Ed.D.


Richard Siegesmund