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Academic Requirements for the Master of Public Health

The Master of Public Health program consists of 46 credit hours:

  • 25 semester hours of core courses
  • 15 semester hours of specialization and elective courses
    • 1 semester hour comprehensive examination
    • 5 semester hours of public health internship (300 clock hours) 

You can complete the M.P.H. program in 24 months (full-time)

  • Complete 9-10 hours a semester
  • Take 3 courses a semester
  • Some courses are 16 weeks and others are 8 weeks

MPH Core Courses (25)

M.P.H. students must earn a minimum grade of B in each of the following eight core courses:

Specialize in Health Promotion or Health Services Management.

The Health Promotion specialization prepares students to take the Certified Health Education Specialist (C.H.E.S.) examination given by the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc.

  • Health Promotion Specialization
    • Theories and Principles in Health Promotion (3)
    • Community Health Promotion Programs (3)
    • Additional Coursework (9)

The Health Services Management specialization prepares students to take the Illinois Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Examination if certain electives have been completed.

  • Health Services Management
  • Health Economics for Health Services Managers (3)
  • Financial Decision Making for Health Services Managers (3)
  • Human Resource Management in the Health Care Setting (3)
  • Additional Coursework (6)

Recommended MPH Online Electives (8)

  • PHHE 535 - Ethical Decision Making for Health Professionals (fall, 16 weeks)
  • PHHE 539 - Funding for Programs in Public Health (summer, 8 weeks)
  • PHHE 563 - Public Health Informatics (summer, 8 weeks
  • PHHE 641 - Health Disparities in the United States (spring, 16 weeks)
  • PHHE 661: Public Health Policy and Law (spring and summer, 8 weeks)
  • Any Other Special Topics Course (PHHE 673)

Elective from outside of PHHE

  • IDSP 565 - Issues in Gerontology (spring, 16 weeks)

If you have questions regarding NIU's Master of Public Health, please contact:

Melissa Edwards

Northern Illinois University