Campfires in Cyberspace:Conversations On Online Education

What is a campfire in cyberspace conversation?

A campfire in cyberspace conversation is a facilitated discussion between colleagues about teaching and learning online.

How and where does the conversation take place?

The conversation takes place in a 90-minute session facilitated by an NIU online educator with more than 20 years experience teaching online and in developing online curriculum and programs. A short reading is disseminated to participants prior to the session. The conversation begins with a discussion of the reading and then connects from this discussion to questions participants have about teaching and learning online.

What is my obligation if I want to join a campfire in cyberspace conversation?

Read a short article. Come to a 90-minute conversation - that's it. Members can choose to meet again to continue the conversation should they choose to do so, but there is no obligation beyond attending the first meeting.

Where and when are campfire in cyberspace conversations held?

At a date, time and place that best serves the needs of the most participants possible.

Why should I attend a campfire in cyberspace conversation?

Because there is little doubt that online education will become a part of nearly every educational field of endeavor. By participating in a campfires in cyberspace conversation, participants will be able to explore answers to critical questions such as:

  • What are the key elements of online education?
  • How does a course or program glean the most from what online education has to offer?
  • How can a program maintain its sense of identity in an online environment?
  • How can faculty support interaction, the development of relationships and a sense of connection between members of an online course or program?

How are campfire in cyberspace conversation groups formed?

Any interested department, program, administrator(s) or faculty can choose to have a campfire in cyberspace conversation. Groups may be formed within programs, departments or colleges, or across programs, departments or colleges. If you have an interest, make contact. We will find a way to serve you.

How do I learn more or sign up for a group?

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