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Information on Online Proctoring

While there are many different approaches to assessing student learning in the online learning environment, there may be times where an online exam is the preferred and/or required method for assessing learning. Online proctoring services can be used to verify the identity of students prior to completing an online exam and to promote academic integrity while students complete an online exam.

Student's Right to Know: The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) requires that institutions notify students at the time of registration or enrollment of any projected additional student charges associated with the verification of student identity such as separate fees charged by proctoring services. Click here to read the policy directly 

What is Online Proctoring?

Online proctoring is a process whereby students take a proctored exam online. Exams can be proctored synchronously (a live proctor supervises the exam in real time) or asynchronously (a video of the student taking the exam is recorded and reviewed for compliance). 

What online proctoring services are currently available at NIU?

NIU currently has contracts with one synchronous proctoring provider (ProctorU) and one asynchronous proctoring provider (ProctorTrack).

Which type of proctoring should I use?

It depends upon your individual exam needs. The best way to learn more is to review additional information on ProctorU and ProctorTrack, or contact us for consultation or a departmental presentation.

How do I request a Proctored Exam?

  1. Determine that you will need proctoring for exams in an upcoming course. Choose which method of proctoring you would prefer (information on approved proctoring services is available below)
  2. Inform students that there will be fees for proctoring exams. Students must be informed of the cost of the proctored exams before they register for the course. Include this in the registration information for the course in MyNIU and on your syllabus
  3. Complete the Proctoring Request form 

Once you have submitted your request, someone will contact you within 2 business days to facilitate setting up proctoring for your course(s).

Who do I contact with questions about online proctoring?

If you have questions about online proctoring, contact the Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center at or 815-753-0595. We can answer questions via email or arrange for a consultation to discuss proctoring in more depth. 

Click here to learn more about ProctorU (synchronous proctoring)

Click here to learn more about ProctorTrack (asynchronous proctoring)